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Start Your Own Business and Get Funded  (Digital eBook)

Start Your Own Business and Get Funded (Digital eBook)

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Starting a small business from scratch is pretty simple but it must be done right. There are proper steps to follow to make sure your business stands out and gets funding!  It's a good way to earn full time income, side income and even multiple streams of income in the long run!


Inside this ebook, you will learn how to:

* Set Up Your Business

* Structure Your Business

* Establish Your Business Name, Phone Number, and Address

* Apply for Your EIN Number

*  Develop Your Business Email Address and Website

*  Apply For a Business License (if needed)

*  Build Your Business Credit

*  Get Funded For Loans and Credit Cards



Learning how to build your business credit?  I attached a FREE Business Credit Vendors List so you know which credit accounts to begin opening to get massive options for funding.  I share with you which credit bureaus are used for specific creditors. That way, you know which bureau they may be pulling your credit report from BEFORE you apply for credit!