About Us

Sometimes you have to dig deep to find that inner glow, passion, and strength. You must take it one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time. Life isn't always easy. Nothing is guaranteed but as individuals, we have the power to make our lives as great as we possibly can. We introduce The Unleashed Collection to be our everything when we feel like we have nothing left but know that we want to win!

The Unleashed Collection is a motivational brand, a logo, and a confident attitude that is derived from personal experiences. As a spin off from author, Lorie Woodruff's motivational book, Unleash Your Irresistibility, Secrets To Making Every Man Want You, this motivational collective line captures the essence of personal, spiritual, and professional attraction for both men and women. The Unleash Your Irresistibility approach is completely different. It's more than a collection about sex or relationships, it's about waking up and being alive, being expressive, being authentic, and most importantly, being you. It's about healing every false thought you've ever had about personal and business relationships. We're going to Unleash the real deal!