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The Unleashed Collection

6 WEEK PRIVATE Coaching w/ Lorie

6 WEEK PRIVATE Coaching w/ Lorie

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This 6 week private coaching program is what every entrepreneur needs to grow and scale in business.  This accelerated coaching program will help seasoned entrepreneurs to:

*  Complete a Business Plan

*  Review and Execute the proper business setup with banking, business address phone number, and website.

* Identifying your Ideal client 

* Structure your calendar and daytime schedule to work more efficiently

*  Develop and hire your team

* Create a plan for you to stand out from your competition

*  Online marketing hacks to win more sales

*  Discussions to increase your marketing, payroll, and equipment funds.

*  Create your first eBook and/or Podcast to attract more clients

* Creative ways to increase personal and business credit

*  Endless resources to help scale your business


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