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10 Steps to Unlocking a 800 Credit Score (eBook)

10 Steps to Unlocking a 800 Credit Score (eBook)

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How many times have you wanted something so bad...such as a house, car, personal or business loan... And the decision that came back was not favorable?   Whether it was a denial or a high interest rate, I want to help!

This eBook guides you through a Do It Yourself method to boost your own credit scores.  Yes, you could spend thousands of dollars and wait on someone else to try and help but why exhaust your money and energy if you don't have to.

For the past 21 years, I have worked in real estate and have been able able to convert hundreds of renters into buyers.  How?  Because I showed them this method here to get RESULTS!

You're up next!


**  eBook INCLUDED (digital download)

**  Customized Dispute Letter INCLUDED

**  Inquiry Removal INCLUDED

**  FCRA disclosure INCLUDED (Fair Credit Reporting Act)

**  Step by Step video INCLUDED



For those that need additional tradelines added to your credit report, I have INCLUDED a resource where you can buy a tradeline AND add utility & phone payments to your report!  Yes, this will help boost your score by adding a great credit increase on your report!



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